Antiles is the breadbasket of the expanding empire. With a year round growing season and incredible precipitation rates, Antiles is a in truth a Green nation. Nearly every bit of land is covered with something growing, be it a wild jungle or wheat fields or endless orchards. Antiles people pride themselves on independence and self reliance, and the communities reflect that, often self sufficient and self contained, trade between cities is slow, but there is a steady flow of food exported out to Avernus and the rest of the empire.

Antiles is theoretically a monarchy ruled by a monarch with the title of Storm King, so called due to his seat being in Storm Haven. The current office holder is King Aemon, who took power just before the invasion and quickly capitulated, earning him the mocking title among his people of The king who Knelt, or more commonly just the Puppet King.


Antilles – highways to major cities, roads to towns, trails past that.
King Aemon – the puppet king (storm king)
Bread basket, produces a lot of food, has specialized even more since they were annexed.

Lee Overlook (leeward most)
Lee Cascade – waterfall

Longwood (on edge of the greatwood)

Roan Oak (lee side of the trio, on the smallwood)

Pine Valley(edge , trio)

Arbutus Grove (inland on the smallwood)

Mill Bay (far side of the greywood)
Waltham family ha been running it for some time. Mortimer is the current lord, and wolf hunts are a common noble form of recreation.

-Sheltered Barrow
-Willow Creek, up the coast a bit, starting point of campaign

-Greywood, story of a great wolf The Grey. also problems with goblins and gnolls

Deepwood Fort

White Veil (widward side of bay)
The White veil – waterfall whipped into a mist

Loggersport (on the longwood)

Stormhaven (windward most) *capital
Stormbreaker Point (windwardmost point)


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