Willow Creek

Willow Creek pop 1200 ish
Government is a council, made up of the innkeeper, the smith and the General store owner. Many orchards, lumber trails, mines in the hills, its a working town with a market where folks come to sell their labours and pick up supplies, not sleepy, but not very busy.

Places of note -
General store
Emmy and Walter Sanders, keeps a stock of apples from their orchard, general clothing and sundries available
Trading post


-Jeremiah Trask – cold eyed profit hound, Owner
-Sally – barmaid, hostess, friendly
-Aaron Watts – Small for a blacksmith, used to do fine detail work, fled persecution
Old fort, currently held by waps, about a dozen who rotate.
-Captain Harris
-Sergeant Fittsroy
Boarding house, where some characters may be staying.
-Miss Weathers

Costing twenty bones in the corner – gambling

Willow Creek

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